Creative i-Archery Concept.!


Scoring Diagram

Scoring Diagram (Double Line)

Explanation of Commands

Address the Target

At this time, the archer straddles the shooting line and my pick up the bow.


Archer picks up an arrow and places it on the bow at the nocking point on the string.


Using the first joint of the pointer, middle and ring finger, the archer pulls the bow back.


After pulling the bow back, the archer places his draw hand next to this cheek on the same side s the draw hand


Point the pile end of the arrow at the center of the target. This is aiming “Point Blank”. If the arrow lands short of the target the archer adjust to “Point of Aim”.


The archer straightens out his fingers and lets go of the string.

Follow Through

After the archer releases the string, he will stand still. (He does not move!)