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From ancient times, archery was used as a weapon to attack the enemy. It has been also used for hunting. The bows and arrows has been used by different cultures and ages from long ago. Generally the bows and arrows used for archery are made up of wood. Now a day’s archery is just a sport to play and win the game. Therefore we have to make it more sports friendly. It has been a part of Olympic games from the beginning.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to promote the archery game and to create passion among youngsters to stay active in Archery. We are providing absolutely a new way of Indoor Archery with technology. It is a system that identifies the very exact point of the arrow in the target. It calculates the value of the score from these identified coordinates and after assessing the result it displays it on projector screen. We discover the new innovative ideas about Archery Games. From blasting bottles to exploding balloons and igniting bulbs, these unique archery game templates will help to do practice with more fun.

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