Creative i-Archery Concept.!


All Equipments have been exceptionally designed for I-Archery Concept.

Bows :

We use custom made 40” and 60” Recurve bows for our Bows and Arrows Concept. Handcrafted Recurve Bow made from Multi-layers of Tilia, bamboo or Mulberry Wood.

Arrows :

All arrows are made of carbon fibre in 30” length with nickel coated steel heads and 2” water like plastic fletches.

Arrow Plate :

Accessory for keeping the arrow on bow and the same provides safety for the bow as well.

Arrow Spine

We only make refined carbon fibre arrows specially designed having 900 Spine level for the proper flight of the arrow. Arrow Spine affects the flight of your arrow. The Spine rating of an arrow is simply a measurement of its stiffness. The same Arrows comes in a variety of stiffness: the lower the number, the stiffer the arrow.

Arrow Head :

The Arrows we use is nickel coated with steel head.

Quiver : :

Wooden quiver which is used for holding the bows and arrows is designed handcrafted in India made of superior quality wood. It can hold upto 50 arrows and 2 bows.

Arm Guard :

For the safeguard of the use of Bows and Arrows we provide high quality leather that covers the inside of the archer’s arm to protect it while shooting.

Gloves :

he three finger soft and comfortable glove made from elastic knitted fabric and leather which allows the arrow to smoothly release from the Archer’s fingers.