Partnership Concept

Partnership Concept

With a refundable fee of INR 300000 as security and non refundable interior fee of INR 300000 you get enrolled in our partnership program by paying just monthly. Now use the concept as long as you like. Give us a call and our team will deinstall the setup and will be happy to take back the equipments. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Our Concepts gives individual an access to our I-Archery Concept which gives them a great hands on the sport Archery and a unique learning experience.

We offer the sport for upto 4 persons on a single screen with the integration of our software.

We have dedicated designers to create a true ambience for the I-Archery where individuals can enter the zone and feel the eletrifying experience of the Archery. We take care of your space so everytime we implement our designers ploy the theme for the area which includes the planning and implementation of the floor,roofs and the walls. We design and implement the light and sound as well for the Archery area. Our implementation team comes loaded with the specialized projectors/computers,sensors and IR cameras and ofcourse our software.

Bows&Arrows mobile app gives you the access for over bundles of different templates for the kids, students and inviduals to enjoy.

Our Licensing Cost includes :

Looking for more screens .? Provide us the layout for the space to implement and one of our designer will access the plan and our sales team will furnish you the final quotation.

Details :

Upload Layout Design : ( in pdf or jpeg/png)